• Smart Fence

    Smart Fence

    Revolutionary, new all-in-one portable fencing systemCompletely self contained; all you need to add is an energizerQuick and easy to install and take downFour-wire system, ten posts328 feet long; approx. 36.5" highEasy to carry and store; combines posts,...

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  • Poultry Net

    • 48” electrifiable prefabricated fence with 12 horizontal lines (11 electrified)• Verticals spaced every 3”• 164 feet long• White vertical lines are “welded” to black and white electro-plastic horizontal lines supported by 1/2”...

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  • Woven Wire

    Instock Call for Pricing 888-556-3772 Class 3 Galvanized Woven Wire, 330 Foot Rolls 39" High Hinge Joint, 12.5 gauge wire (Special Order Only) Bekaert 939/6 $189.99 42" High Fixed Knot, 12.5 gauge wire Stay-Tuff 842/6 $195.00 Bekaert 842/6 $199...

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  • HotCote - Coated Electric Wire

    Instock call for more information 888-556-3772 1320 ft white, plastic coated wire that can be electrified. Its visible, safe and looks good. Made with 12½ gauge wire as the core. Coated wire should be put on insulators. It can be pulled...

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  • White Coated Hi-tensile Wire

    Instock Call for more information 888-556-3772 1320' white unbonded wire. 12.5 guage high tensile wire with a high quality, UV-resistant coating. Overall thickness is about .3 inch. This wire adds visibility, safety and good looks to any high tensile...

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  • Turbo Braid

    Unique 3/16" braided construction. Contains nine strands of highly conductive mixed-metal filaments to ensure conductivity. Most user-friendly equine product. Highly visible, attractive and easy to install. Resistance: 155 ohms/mile. Best suited...

    $158.99 $145.00
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  • Electro Net

    Features35" x 164' roll.8 conductive horizontal wires.White plastic vertical struts every 12 inches.Roll complete with all posts; just unfold and set the posts.Impenetrable mesh fencing for sheep, goats, coyotes and dogs.Use with most Gallagher...

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