• 9 Wire Polywire

    Extra heavy duty polywire, white with a black stripe for maximum all season visibility. Superior strength and conductivity over standard polywire. Advanced twisting technology prevents unraveling.

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  • Poly Wire

    Ideal for portable fence projects Ultra white for high visibility UV-stabilized for longer life Six stainless-steel wires for good conductivity. 1312 ft plus 328 ft FREE

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  • Aluminum Wire

    This "User-Friendly Wire" will not rust, is easy to install and is the most effective electric wire on the market. Carries a lifetime guarantee against rust. Conducts electricity four times better than steel wire. Aluminum is one-third the weight of...

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  • Electric High Visibility Spring Gate

    Ultra white for high visibility to stock and humans. All metal galvanized and powder coated white. Insulated Gate Handle has large protective shields and a galvanized non-turning hook. Can be used on up to 16 1/2' gateways without overstretching...

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  • Electric Bungy Gate

    Shock cord is made from quality UV stabilized synthetic rubber. 4 stainless steel strands for maximum power. Shock cord can be stretched to twice its size from 11 1/12 to 23'. Crimps on shock cord ensure no loss of electrification or the...

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  • Poly Tape

    Resistance of 13,600 Ohms/mi. Best suited for distances under 1/8 mi.Ideal for portable electric fences.Five stainless-steel wires for good conductivity.

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  • Underground Wire

    Burying insulated wire at gates is often better than running wire overhead or using removable electric gate wire. The use of household electrical wire is not recommended for use with fence chargers due to low voltage ratings. The 12.5 gauge wire lasts...

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  • C2L-Long Crimp Sleeves

    Long crimping sleeves are available and are becoming very popular. You can use one long crimping sleeve for all applications. You will need to crimp the entire length of the sleeve with your crimping tool. It fits the standard 2-3 slot on the tool. These...

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  • CT4 Aluminum Open Tap Crimp Sleeves

    Open Tap Crimping Sleeves are used to connect electric from one strand of fence to another. It has one open end and a closed end. Put the open end over your existing electrified wire and install a new piece of wire inside of Insultube to the closed...

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  • C45 Crimp Sleeves

    Sleeves are used on 8 gauge smooth wire and 12 ½ gauge barbed wire. Fits the 4-5 crimping tool slot. This is a short sleeve so use 3 for your joins or splices and 2 on end terminations and with in-line wire strainers and springs. 50 Pieces

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  • Stay-Tuff Barbed Staples

    Stay Tuff's doubled barbed wire fencing staples are used to hold the woven wire fence to wooden fence posts.They are made from 8 gauge, heavily galvanized, Class 3 wire.The double barb greatly increases the holding power of the staple into wooden posts...

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