Liniment & Ointment

  • Ichthammol 20%

    Ichthammol 20%

    Apply as a drawing salve to promote maturation of minor skin and hoof abscesses. Apply as an ointment to nourish weak and brittle hooves and nails of horses and dogs. Can also be used as a skin antiseptic to promote healing of minor skin abrasions an...

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  • Sore No-More Liniment

    Sore No-More Liniment

    * Herbal liniment and bath brace* Locking spray nozzle included* A Horse Journal favorite* Made in the USASORE NO-MORE Liniment – The only herbal liniment proven to relieve pain and inflammation. Extremely effective for legs and body, and gentle for...

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  • Magna-Poultice


    Magna-Poultice from First Priority is a poultice paste for use on horses and cattle. Apply Magna Poultice to strains, sprains, bruises, swellings, acute mastitis and swollen glands. Repeat within 24 hours, as needed. Contains 60% epsom salt in a water...

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  • Bag Balm

    Bag Balm

    Bag balm has a ton of different uses. For Pets:Helps soothe cuts, scratches, skin irritations, and paw abrasions. For Cattle: Helps soothe small injuries, rash chapping; massage on caked bag. Softens and moistens skin. For Horses:For softening hardened,...

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