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  • Aluminum Wire Tightener

    The Hayes-style tightener has a spring to hold the latch flipper tight against the cog spool, which makes tightening safer. Aluminum cog/spool and galvanized strap.

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  • C2L-Long Crimp Sleeves

    Long crimping sleeves are available and are becoming very popular. You can use one long crimping sleeve for all applications. You will need to crimp the entire length of the sleeve with your crimping...

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  • C34 Crimp SLeeves

    Sleeves are used on 10 ½ gauge smooth wire and 14 gauge barbed wire. Fit’s the 3-4 crimping tool slot. Sold in bottles of 50. This is a short sleeve so use 3 for your joins or splices and 2...

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  • C45 Crimp Sleeves

    Sleeves are used on 8 gauge smooth wire and 12 ½ gauge barbed wire. Fits the 4-5 crimping tool slot. This is a short sleeve so use 3 for your joins or splices and 2 on end terminations and with...

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  • Chain Grab

    5' Long chain, wire grab, and hook Also Available: Hayes Chain Grab (call for more info) Item # TCH price $95.00  

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  • Flat Back Tube Insulator

    Flat Back Tube Insulator

    Tube insulators are the lowest cost insulator option for high-tensile wire fences. The flat-back insulator is designed to allow a staple to anchor into the fins to prevent it from sliding. It is...

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  • Galvanized Wire Filled Gates

    2" x 4" spacing Hot-dip galvanized Includes two 12" x 3⁄4" gate hinge bolts and two hinge clamps Hot-dip galvanized gates with 2" x 4" spacing of welded wire are great for use with any...