Animal Health

  • EZ Banders XL EZ Banders XL

    EZ Banders XL

    Bigger, stronger, better EZE bander allows for superior one-hand control and provides the most humane method of castrating. Latex bands have 170% larger opening than standard bands and are twice as strong. Flat sides prevent bands from rolling off bander...

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  • Allflex Ultra Precision Syringe

    Allflex Ultra Precision Syringe

    Ultra precision syringe for high volume accuracy. Lightweight metal handle with non-slip coating and easy grip design. 50 ml amber colored barrel reduces UV sun exposure for longer life. Highly machined, square plunger rod produces positive, accurate...

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  • Dac Oil

    Dac Oil

    A Fat & Fatty Acid Supplement for all Classes of Horses for use in diets of all classes of horses for overall coat and skin health as well as weight gain FEATURES 98% Fat Content Blend of Vegetable Oils Flaxseed Oil Fish Oil 7.5lbs...

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  • Kopertox


    Recommended as an aid in treating horses and ponies with thrush due to organisms susceptible to copper naphthenate. Water-resistant protection without bandaging

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  • U-Gard Pellets

    U-Gard Pellets

    Field trials show that U-GARD™ is highly effective on helping gastric ulcers that may be caused by the stress of training, competition, stall confinement and diets high in carbohydrates· Contains Calcium and Magnesium – which aid in acid reduction·...

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  • Rain Maker

    Rain Maker

    Special natural ingredients are combined to give Rain Maker™ hoof moisturizer its unique "Triple Action" - attraction of moisture to the hoof, absorption of moisture and retention of the moisture once it has been absorbedAdvanced-formula hoof dressing...

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  • Hoof Heal

    Hoof Heal

    Hoof Heal 5-1 Hoof Care for Horses, Cattle, Sheep & Goats. Aids in maintaining a healthy frog, sole, heel and coronary band. Aids in preventing brittle, cracked hoof wall and heel. Allows hoof to breathe. An all weather easy brush-on-formula. Deep...

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  • Ichthammol 20%

    Ichthammol 20%

    Apply as a drawing salve to promote maturation of minor skin and hoof abscesses. Apply as an ointment to nourish weak and brittle hooves and nails of horses and dogs. Can also be used as a skin antiseptic to promote healing of minor skin abrasions...

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