• Gallagher Geared Maxi Reel

    Large galvanized hook for easy attachment to fence. Complete with wire guide for tangle-free winding Impact-resistant hub. Fast wind-in (2.7:1 turn). Shatterproof reel lock. Carry handle with knuckleguard for safer use. Handy storage for...

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  • Gallagher Geared Medium Reel

    Pulls wire, tape or braid tight by turning the handle on the wheel. Designed with a locking mechanism to block the reel after tensioning the fence, 1/4 mile Turbo Wire capacity. Reel guard to keep wire, tape or braid on reel for easier rolling and...

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  • Gallagher Econo Reel

    Strong and durable, yet light and easy to use Holds at least 500m (1640ft) Poly Wire, 400m (1312ft) Turbo Wire, 200m (656ft) Poly Tape or Turbo Tape Reversible and replaceable hub Zinc coated frame Positive locking ratchet mechanism UV stabilised...

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  • C2L-Long Crimp Sleeves

    Long crimping sleeves are available and are becoming very popular. You can use one long crimping sleeve for all applications. You will need to crimp the entire length of the sleeve with your crimping tool. It fits the standard 2-3 slot on the tool. These...

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  • CT4 Aluminum Open Tap Crimp Sleeves

    Open Tap Crimping Sleeves are used to connect electric from one strand of fence to another. It has one open end and a closed end. Put the open end over your existing electrified wire and install a new piece of wire inside of Insultube to the closed...

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  • C45 Crimp Sleeves

    Sleeves are used on 8 gauge smooth wire and 12 ½ gauge barbed wire. Fits the 4-5 crimping tool slot. This is a short sleeve so use 3 for your joins or splices and 2 on end terminations and with in-line wire strainers and springs. 50 Pieces

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  • Stay-Tuff Barbed Staples

    Stay Tuff's doubled barbed wire fencing staples are used to hold the woven wire fence to wooden fence posts.They are made from 8 gauge, heavily galvanized, Class 3 wire.The double barb greatly increases the holding power of the staple into wooden posts...

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  • C34 Crimp SLeeves

    Sleeves are used on 10 ½ gauge smooth wire and 14 gauge barbed wire. Fit’s the 3-4 crimping tool slot. Sold in bottles of 50. This is a short sleeve so use 3 for your joins or splices and 2 on end terminations and with in-line wire strainers and...

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  • C23 Standard Crimp Sleeves

    2-3 Sleeves are used on 12 ½ gauge wire, and are used in the 2-3 slot on your crimping tool. These are short sleeves so use 3 on a splice or join and 2 on an end, or with an in-line strainer or spring. 100 pieces

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  • 8 Light Fence Tester

    A simple 8 light power indicator for standard or low impedance fencers. The lights are calibrated to illuminate from 600 to 7000 volts. Convenient long reach 60" ground cord.

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