Electric Gates & Handles

  • Electric High Visibility Spring Gate

    Ultra white for high visibility to stock and humans. All metal galvanized and powder coated white. Insulated Gate Handle has large protective shields and a galvanized non-turning hook. Can be used on up to 16 1/2' gateways without overstretching...

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  • Electric Bungy Gate

    Shock cord is made from quality UV stabilized synthetic rubber. 4 stainless steel strands for maximum power. Shock cord can be stretched to twice its size from 11 1/12 to 23'. Crimps on shock cord ensure no loss of electrification or the...

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  • Heavy Duty "Old Ironsides" Handle

    Old Ironsides Gate Handle. Spring mechanism consists of 4 inch long compression spring fastened to a 5/16 inch diameter eyebolt. Large insulating grip measures 5 1/8 inch long with a 2 1/4 inch diameter flange for extra shock protection. Molded of a soft...

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  • Gallagher Insul-Grip

    Large secure insulated hook. Streamlined design to allow easy retrieval through pasture. Large molded hand grip. Tough insulated plastic. Attaches to Polywire/Polytape via a simple loop. Use with all Gallagher reels.

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  • Non-Conductive Gate Handle

    The non-conductive Plastic Gate Handle is intended for use with twine or ribbon and can be connected to a grounded or hot wire while building. The portable fence becomes electrified when a jumper lead , at the far end of the twine, is connected to a...

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