• Non-Climb Woven Wire

    Bekaert 48" high, 2" x 4", 12.5 gauge line wire, 14 gauge stay wire, 200 ft, zinc-aluminum $249.00 Stay-Tuff 48" high, 2" x 4", 12.5 gauge, 200 ft, class 3 galvanized $259.00

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  • Woven Wire

    Instock Call for Pricing 888-556-3772 Stay Tuff Class 3 Galvanized Woven Wire, 330 Foot Rolls - 20 year warranty Bekaert ZA (Benzinol) coated Woven Wire, 330 Foot Rolls - 30 year warranty 39" High Hinge Joint, 12.5 gauge wire (Special Order...

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  • HotCote - Coated Electric Wire

    Instock call for more information 888-556-3772 1320 ft white, plastic coated wire that can be electrified. Its visible, safe and looks good. Made with 12½ gauge wire as the core. Coated wire should be put on insulators. It can be pulled...

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  • White Coated Hi-tensile Wire

    Instock Call for more information 888-556-3772 1320' white unbonded wire. 12.5 guage high tensile wire with a high quality, UV-resistant coating. Overall thickness is about .3 inch. This wire adds visibility, safety and good looks to any high tensile...

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  • Hi-Tensile

    Instock call for more information 888-556-3772   4000 ft, torsion free, 12.5 gauge Bekaert ZA Pro 30 200 PSI $99.00Stay Tuff Class 3 Galv. 215 PSI $105.00

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  • Aluminum Wire

    This "User-Friendly Wire" will not rust, is easy to install and is the most effective electric wire on the market. Carries a lifetime guarantee against rust. Conducts electricity four times better than steel wire. Aluminum is one-third the weight of...

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  • Underground Wire

    Burying insulated wire at gates is often better than running wire overhead or using removable electric gate wire. The use of household electrical wire is not recommended for use with fence chargers due to low voltage ratings. The 12.5 gauge wire lasts...

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